Do you manage your team remotely?

Attend the "Business Development Day"

Discover how to make your communication more persuasive thanks to the "Persuasive Pitching" Method already applied by over 500 successful Top Directors in Europe

Access the free interactive Meeting for up to 10 selected European partecipants.

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Here are some of our clients

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The first Interactive Meeting in Europe, exclusively reserved for Top Managers which manage their teams remotely.

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You will have the opportunity to compare yourself with the best Top Directors from all over Europe, which is the reason the Meeting will be held in English.


The event is reserved exclusively to a maximum of 10 companies selected by our experts.


During the Meeting you will be able to interact and you will be free to intervene, participate and ask questions to find the best solutions to your needs

Are you ready to find out how to increase sales and get 110% from your Network?

Apply and participate in the selection


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What you will discover by attending the Interactive Meeting:

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Our solutions are applied by Top Manager  of the multinational companies we have work with:

How to communicate effectively even Remotely, thanks to the "PERSUASIVE PITCHING" Method used by over 500 Top Manager.

You’ll discover international methods and strategies to enable your team to create an effective presentation and dramatically increase your sales closing rate, even remotely.

How to attract new Customers and increase the conversion rate of your Sales Network.

We’ll show you how to use big companies to attract customers and lead them to take a specific action, increasing interest in your service/product.

Our Actual Cases

We will analyze the results obtained by a multinational company that turned to our expertise to enhance its processes and strategies remotely.

What is included for those attending the meeting

The Ultimate Guide to Persuasive Pitching

You will receive Our Exclusive Guide to Effective Pitching: keep high your Prospect's attention and persuade him to take the desired action.

Diane Fryman

One to one call with Diane Fryman

You will have the opportunity to deepen the topics of the meeting and talk about your specific business situation.

The Know How of the Meeting

You will receive all slides and materials used during our Interactive Meeting.

Are you ready to find out how to increase sales and get 110% from your Collaborators?



Meeting on Webex
 at 16.30 – 18:00

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Who we are?

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Performance Technology Solutions (PTS) is an organizational consulting and management training firm.

Our name is derived from the U.S.-based Human Performance Technology methodology, a systematic approach to business performance improvement.

Our team consists of a team of consultants, trainers and coaches coordinated by Diane Fryman, the company’s CEO. 

Diane Fryman

CEO PTS – Performance Technology

Diane Fryman, american work and organizational psychologist, has helped more than 50 companies and international organizations (including Unicredit, Bayer, the United Nations and others) over the past 19 years to increase the performances of the companies she has worked with.  

She has also participated in several international events as a guest, speaker and panelist.

Diane Fryman

CEO PTS – Performance Technology

The concrete results of PTS

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Years of activity
Companies followed
Managers trained

Are you ready to find out how to train your staff to produce effective remote pitches?

Performance Technology Solutions S.r.l. – Via Valparaiso 10, 20144 Milano – P.IVA: 03417530965         Iscrizione Tribunale di Milano n° 03417530965 Rea n° 1673867

Diane Fryman

Fondatrice e CEO

Negli ultimi 19 anni Diane e PTS hanno aiutato più di 50 aziende ed organizzazioni internazionali (es. UniCredit, Bayer, DHL, Nazioni Unite, ecc.) ad aumentare le vendite, fidelizzare i clienti, motivare e migliorare le competenze delle risorse umane, rendere più efficace la comunicazione interna ed in generale a massimizzare la performance aziendale.

Prima di fondare PTS, Diane ha acquisito una significativa esperienza e formazione internazionale in Accenture (USA, Australia, Singapore),  ed è stata docente presso Saint Xavier University, European Business School , Il Sole24Ore Business