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Customized consulting – Monitoring training effectiveness

Objectives of the project:

The project was based on an internal organizational decision to improve the quality of the Training Function service and the effectiveness of a high level strategic training program through the measurement of key performance indicators.

Phases of the project:

  • feasibility study;
  • communication plan for all people involved (participants and their supervisors, training providers, internal organizational stakeholders);
  • analysis of training and coaching in the program together with each provider in order to design monitoring tools (satisfaction, learning pre and post training, individual action plan, and follow-up questionnaire to evaluate results to obtained at organizational level);
  • implementation of the monitoring system;
  • data collection and analysis;
  • presentation of the results.

Results obtained:

  • empowerment of the participants in their own professional development;
  • more involvement and responsibility of the training providers and the participants’ supervisors;
  • evaluation of the effectiveness of the training providers;
  • continuous improvement of the training;
  • recognition by the organization of the value the training provided through concrete and objective measurement of its impact.

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