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Customized consulting, training and administration of Facet5 tool

Objectives of the project:
The project was based on an internal organizational decision to improve the effectiveness of the coaching process.

Initial client request:
Presentation about how to stimulate coachee’ “Growth Mindset”.

Phases of the project:

  • administration of Facet5 questionnaire to about 40 internal coaches at European level;
  • individual debrief of the report (in presence or virtually) with a PTS certified consultant;
  • group session to deepen how the tool can support the coaching process and stimulate coachees’ “Growth Mindset”;
  • recognition by the organization of the value added provided by the Facet5 reporting and decision to certify 7 coaches;
  • testing the use of the tool by the certified coaches with 42 coachees.

Results obtained:

  • positive feedback by both coaches and coachees;
  • rollup of Facet5 usage also for internal development programs.

For more information:

  • Some photos from the session by Diane Fryman, CEO of PTS
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