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Our consulting approach

All our projects use the systematic approach of Human Performance Technology, a methodology aimed to improve individual, team and organizational performance.

This methodology has a solid fundamental in the organizational and behavioral social sciences, as well as internationally recognized practices.

Based on this value-driven approach, we are able to analyze in a systematic way all the organizational issues, to choose the best solution according to clients needs and to implement intervention that produce observable and measurable results.

  • Performance analysis: analysis of the organizational context and the needs defined as performance gap versus desired results and strategic objectives
  • Cause analysis: analysis of the organizational and behavioral (at individual and team level) causes of these performance gap
  • Designing of interventions: identification and design of integrated solution to solve the performance gap
  • Implementation and change management: implementation of the solutions and facilitation of the change both at individual and organizational level
  • Monitoring: constant control and evaluation of the results

The methodology is iterative which means that the performance is continuously monitored and evaluated in order to intervene preventively on eventual future gap.

In particular we take care of the communication aspect, a key element essential to achieve the commitment of all those involved in the change interventions.


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