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MIP Event “Emotional Intelligence for Effective Leadership” March, 27 2014

Performance Technology Solutions in partnership with Alumni of MIP (Business School of “Politecnico di Milano”) invites you to participate at the event “Emotional Intelligence for Effective Leadership” March, 27 2014 7-9 p.m. Via Lambruschini 4C building 26/A – Aula 0.1

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the ability to recognize, understand and manage emotions and behaviors.    

Research demonstrates that in the workplace people with high technical competencies and a low level of EI can more likely have derailment within their careers as people managers/leaders.  Besides influencing individual performance, EI can have a significant impact also on the general success of the organization. 

What are the components of EI? How can they be measured?  How can we develop and increase our EI?  These are the principle themes of the meeting that will be held in English in a highly interactive way.  

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