“Leader of Yourself” FULL version

31/05/2023 17:30
Registration deadline 24/05/2023

This special offer is only for new individual clients.

800,00  ex. VAT


  • Become aware of the self-limiting beliefs that impact your life and adopt techniques to overcome them
  • Identify your natural communication style and become flexible in adapting it according to the objectives
  • Improve your active listening skills to identify the needs of your counterparts
  • Take a proactive approach to setting and managing your work and personal priorities


  • You will receive feedback on the preparatory activities you complete before each online group session to increase your self-awareness
  • You will participate in highly interactive online group session where you will be able to immediately put your learnings into practice
  • You will achieve your goals faster thanks to online individual coaching sessions tailored to your needs


Diane Fryman