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Facet5 is a self-assessment on-line tool which analyzes individual characteristics (in terms of behaviors, motivational drivers, attitudes) contextualized in the workplace.

The tool was developed at the end of the ’80 based on the Big Five model by the Australian psychologist Norman Buckley and has been validated at an international level.

The questionnaire is made up of 106 items, structured as pairs of definitions which describe the individual.
Most people complete Facet5 in about 15-20 minutes.

Both the questionnaire and the report are available in different languages.

Facet5 sample report

Organizations that use Facet5

Facet5 includes also two specific functionalities:

1) for recruitment tools_facet5A

  • provide a method to define the ideal profile of the role and to identify which candidates are more aligned with the characteristics of the position, providing support for the selection interview

Facet5 Audition sample ranking report

Facet5 Audition sample individual report

2) for creation and management of teams toos_facet5TS

  • analyze the team members working styles, the synergies, the potential conflicts; shows the effect of the introduction of a new member into an established team

Facet5 TeamScape sample report


Spotlight is a Facet5 functionality that provides a comprehensive summary of Strengths and Risks as well as the Frustrations and Challenges associated with your individual style and facilitates action planning.  SpotLight analyses the following areas:

  • Making Decisions and Setting Goals
  • Engaging with and Consulting others
  • Focusing on people and tasks
  • Managing your work and commitments
  • Responding to stress and identifying risks

Facet5 SpotLight sample report

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