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Why is trust critical for organizational success? Studies have shown that employees in high trust cultures report: 50% More Productivity, 50% More Retention, 60% More Joy, 70 % More Purpose, 74% Less Stress 74% and 106% More Energy. The role of leadership in building a culture of trust is fundamental. Leaders create the conditions in which employees expend their effort, energy, and creativity to move the organization towards its goals.

Dr Paul Zak (leading neuroscientist and director of the Center for Neuroeconomic Studies at Claremont University) and his laboratory have discovered the 8 building blocks of organizational trust: Ovation, eXpectation, Yield, Transfer, Openness, Caring, Invest, Natural.

Together these 8 leadership practice areas form the acronym O-X-Y-T-O-C-I-N: Oxytocin is the very brain chemical that switches on Trust.  When organizational and leadership practices raise Oxytocin, there is an increase in trust and an impact of key organizational measures as a result.

Introducing NeuroView:

NeuroView is the first neuroscience based leadership assessment designed to help organizations facilitate high trust teams by helping leaders develop and practice specific behaviors in each of the 8 factors.

The report provides the leader’s scores on each of the 8 leadership practice areas, as well as pinpointing those which are most critical for their development and leadership effectiveness.

NeuroView At A Glance:

  • Measures 8 leadership practices based on 16 behavioral questions
  • Enhances high performance and high trust cultures
  • Guides leaders of teams with feedback from a comparison of self and direct reports
  • Drives leadership development, executive coaching and management training programs
  • Integrates with a goal setting and evaluation system (Momentor) to facilitate behavior and habit change

NeuroView Sample Report

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