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Our training approach

We assist clients to understand if and how training could improve performance and we design courses based on the Instructional Systems Design, that allows to:

  • conduct a systematic analysis of individual and organizational needs;
  • design and deliver customized courses aligned with those needs;
  • evaluate the effectiveness of training interventions, measuring qualitative and quantitative results.

All our trainers/facilitators use an active learning methodology with analysis and discussion of real case studies, individual and group exercises, role-play, etc.

In order to facilitate the transfer of the competencies acquired during training to the workplace:

  • we guide participants to fill in an individual action plan to motivate and help them to focus on the objectives they want to achieve and to monitor progress and results obtained;
  • we offer support for the implementation of the plan through individual coaching sessions (in presence or by telephone) and/or group follow-up sessions after a few months from the end of the course.

The table below shows our standard but customizable training offer.

Training areaObjectiveOffer
HR Responsibles and Specialists coursesAcquire techniques and tools to conduct effective needs analysis, training designing and evaluation of training impact (training ROI).Catalogue HR Courses
Managerial courses for all organizational levels (in Italian and in English)Develop “soft” skills through the acquisition of tested techniques and tools that are able to achieve observable and measurable performance improvements.Catalogue Managerial Courses

We recognize that continuous training is an essential part of professional development. Thus we offer periodical webinars (synchronous seminars via web) that allow to improve competencies from your office or home.

We help our clients to use training budgets in the best way.
If the requirements are met, we are able to identify the be funding opportunities, write the project for the local entity or the interprofessional fund, develop the needed agreements, follow the approval process, plan the activities correctly, report the costs incurred and close the process.

All these services are aimed to give even more value to training, freeing up organizations from the weight of bureaucracy.

The funds we work with are: Fondimpresa, Fondirigenti, Fondo Forte, Fon.ter, Fondir, Fondartigianato, Foncoop, Fapi, Fondo Professioni.

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