“Partner of change” interventions

All our consulting projects are based on the methodology of US origin aimed at improving individual, team and organisational performance.

This methodology is firmly grounded in both the socio-behavioural and organisational sciences and in established international practice.

Thanks to this value-driven approach, we are able to systematically and comprehensively analyse business challenges, choose the most suitable solution for our clients’ needs and implement interventions that lead to observable and measurable results.

The stages of our approach


  1.  Performance analysis.
  2. Analysis of the causes at the origin of performance deviations.
  3. Identification and design of integrated solutions to bridge
    performance gaps.
  4. Change implementation and management.
  5. Constant monitoring and evaluation of the results achieved.

Our consulting services

  • Check-up
  • Organisational Consulting
  • Monitoring intervention effectiveness


Check-up is our limited investment,  innovative service which provides:

  • a picture of the current organizational situation (specific to the area being analyzed) formalized in a detailed and easy to understand report (quantitative and qualitative data);
  • a plan of proposed solutions to be implemented in order to achieve the desired results.

Sample areas for which this service is available:

  • remote pitching - to improve business development and/or internal communication;
  • trust - to improve engagement and organizational performance;
  • team - to maximize performance by identifying the root causes that generate ineffectiveness or inefficiency in teamwork.

Organisational Consulting

Integrated ad hoc solutions based on joint work by consultants and clients.

The aim of organisational consulting is to make the client as independent as possible in pursuing activities, without being permanently dependent on the consultant.

Areas of intervention

  • Facilitation of organisational change processes.
  • Analysis and review of business processes.
  • Corporate skills mapping.
  • Analysis, design and implementation of performance evaluation systems.
  • Identification and retention of talents.
  • Design and implementation of systems for the assessment of skills and potential.
  • Interventions designed to analyse and improve the performance of work teams.

Monitoring intervention effectiveness

Ad hoc design and implementation of systems for monitoring the effectiveness of organisational and training interventions.

Depending on the client's needs, we are able to implement monitoring systems at different levels up to the measurement of the ROI (Return on Investment) of the intervention.

In particular, our offer in this area is divided into monitoring systems:

  • To evaluate the effectiveness of strategic interventions implemented by external suppliers or by the company itself in order to evaluate the results obtained and suggest any corrective actions.
  • Integrated with our consulting and training services in order to demonstrate to the client the impact at individual, team and/or organisational level.

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