In-Person and/or Remote Training

Ad hoc training courses to nourish skills

Our approach to training aims to support clients in identifying whether and how training courses can improve business performance.

We apply the Instructional Systems Design (ISD) methodology, developed in the USA and based on cognitive and behavioural psychology, to our courses.

The ISD methodology, now also known as Learning Experience Design (LXD), allows you to:

To facilitate the practical transfer of the skills acquired during the training, we use an interactive teaching methodology via analysis and discussion of real cases, individual and group application exercises, role-play, etc.

Our Training Offer

  • HR courses | For Managers and Human Resource Specialists
  • Leadeship and Managerial courses | For all organisational levels

HR Courses

Techniques and tools for effective needs analysis, design of training interventions and evaluation of their impact (ROI of training).


Training needs analysis, planning & control


Monitoring training effectiveness


Measuring Training ROI 


Instructional Systems Design: effective training design


Designing learning test


Leadership and Managerial courses

Proven techniques and tools that allow you to achieve observable and measurable performance improvements.

All courses can be customised according to client needs and can also be delivered in English by native speaker trainers/facilitators.

Course Catalogue

Communication Area

Effective communication and presentation


Pitching: how to influence decision making


Facet5 SuperSkills


Leadership and Management Area 

Leadership and team management


Performance Improvement: how to manage and improve direct report performance


Improve emotional intelligence


Professional Development Area

Building Key Managerial Competencies


Effective Time Management


Effective Meeting Management


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