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Our approach

We offer individual and team coaching services based on the International Coach Federation (ICF).

ICF defines the coaching like a partnership with clients that, through a creative process, stimulates reflection, inspiring them to maximize their own personal and professional potential.

The coach responsibilities are:

  • discover, make clear and align the objectives that the coachee want to achieve;
  • facilitate the coachee in discovering these objectives;
  • make the solutions and strategies come from the coachee;
  • let the coachee’s full autonomy and responsibility.

The coaching includes an appreciative approach based on the recognition of what is right, what works, what it is desired, what it is needed to achieve the objective. This approach includes questions based on discovery, a proactive way (as opposed to a reactive one) in the management of personal challenges and opportunities, a constructive formulation of observations and feedback aimed to obtain positive reactions from others.

To understand the approach better, ICF has formalized eleven coaching key competences.

Tool for coaching

All our coaches, besides having ICF credentials, are also certified in the Facet5 tool which is validated and tested at an international level.

The use of this tool allows you to obtain different benefits:

  • guide the coachee in a simple and immediate way to achieve self-awareness of his/her strengths and development areas based on his/her role and the impact of his/her behaviors on others;
  • promote a relationship of mutual trust;
  • maximize the effectiveness and the efficiency of the work of the coach in facilitating the identification of the objectives and in choosing the most appropriate motivational drivers to achieve them.
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