We improve the competitiveness of large companies through Human Performance Technology.

Our Clients

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Innovative techniques and strategies to facilitate changes and obtain measurable results.

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We offer organisational consultancy and management training services to large Italian and multinational companies and international public bodies.

Thanks to the use of internationally testedmethodologies ​and constantly updated skills, we offer solutions based on clients’ specific needs.

Our name derives from Human Performance Technology, a systematic approach

of US origin applied to all our projects, to improve individual, team and organisational performance.

A holistic approach

We identify causes and resolve performance problems by looking at the organisation as a system.

International methodologies

All our consultancy and training services are based on internationally proven methodologies.

Developement Tools

We offer integrated solutions (consultancy, training, coaching and tools) based on specific client needs.

ROI of interventions

We monitor all our interventions in order to demonstrate the objective results achieved in both qualitative and quantitative terms.

Our Results

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Years in business
Companies supported
Trained managers

Our Services

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Ad hoc training programmes to nourish skills, through the use of interactive methodology.

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Personalised individual and team coaching to achieve challenging objectives.

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Tools to make the analysis of business needs more efficient and support HR processes.

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Systematic and complete analysis of business problems, focused on choosing the most suitable solutions for clients' needs.

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Client Testimonials

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Our Methodologies

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Human Performance Technology

Human Performance Technology is an emerging and innovative discipline that brings significant improvements to the processes of developing and supporting human resources that are aligned with the mission and goals of the organization.

It is based on the identification,analysis and systematic removal​​ of the barriers that generate individual and organisational performance gaps. It allows you to choose the solutions that best suit your clients’ needs in order to design, develop and

implement interventions that allow observableand

measurable results to be achieved.

Instructional System Design (ISD)

A systematic approach that allows for a comprehensive analysis of needs

Training at an individual and organisational level, in order to develop and deliver ad hoc experiences and training courses aligned with the identified needs. It allows to evaluate the satisfaction, the effectiveness of learning, the organisational impact of the training provided and even to measure ROI (Return on Investment).

Neuroscience And Positive Psychology

Awareness of the workings of the brain and the application of positive psychology concepts boosts people’s engagement and motivation to

continually improve themselves, facilitating openness to change and

resilience in difficult or stressful situations.

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